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Volume 7, Issue 3 Pages no. 225-261 Available online on 15 June 2017 ISSN 2277-3681 J Pharm Sci Bioscientific Res. 2017; 7(3):225-261      
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of some Phthalazin-1(2H)-One Derivatives M. A. EL-Hashash, S. A. Rizk*, D.B. Guirguis, L.A.Guirguis , S. M. Khairy
A Review on Evaluation and Development of Supersaturatable Formulation of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs Ashwini S. Mokashi*, Ganesh Patil,  Ramesh Bhusal,  Ajay Vyas
The Association of Medication Adherence and Demographics in IHD Patients Pankti T. Shah* ,  Swapnil D. Shah,  Ruchika P. Sharma,  Ishani S. Patel , Mustakim. M. Mansuri,  Shrikalp S. Deshpande
Liquisolid Compacts Based Orodispersible Tablets to Enhance Solubility of Atorvastatin using Experimental Design Raj Shah*, Hardeep Banwait, Sahjesh Rathi, Pragnesh Patni
Use of Technological Aids in Healthcare: The Indian Scenario Sharma Ruchika P. *, Shah Pankti T., Shah Swapnil D., Patel Ishani S., Mansuri Mustakim M., Deshpande Shrikalp S.
Formulation and Development of Minoxidil Loaded Microspheres for Topical Drug Delivery System Using DoE Approach Pandey Vivek J*, Hardeep Banwait, Sahjesh Rathi, Pragnesh Patni